“As I have small children, I really only want to feed them organic fruit and vegetables. I’ve been shopping here since before I had my kids – so I know Bill, and I know he only sells the best organic products.” (Anna, Caulfield)

“Eating Organic for me is really about this whole idea of wellbeing – physically and mentally.  I’ve been shopping here for years.  It’s not just about the produce that’s sold here – but the atmosphere of the place. It keeps me coming back.” (John, Glen Iris)

“I actually had some health problems and my doctors recommended I try a special diet.  I came in here not quite knowing what I was after, and the staff were so great and knowledgeable.  I’ve been coming in to buy my groceries and have a chat pretty much ever since.” (Kristine, Windsor)

“I moved over to the north side, and I still buy my fruit and vegetables here. Enough said.” (Nella, Fitzroy North)

“They have organic products for my pet dogs – it’s really hard to find that stuff elsewhere.” (Georgie, Hawthorn)