Which Potatoes are Best for What?

Bintje: Creamy fleshed, firm textured and ideal for frying or use in salads. In season all year round and has a long shelf life.

Coliban: Floury flesh ideal for mashing and bakes well. Very common in our supermarkets.

Desiree: Waxy flesh that is good for boiling, mashing, salads or roasting, but not frying.

Dutch Cream: Large, oval shape, with yellow waxy flesh.  Excellent for mash, purees, soup and roasting.

Golden Delight: A great all-rounder good for mashing, baking or frying.

King Edward: Good for baking or mashing, but not frying or salads. Another very common variety.

Kipfler: Use this buttery-flavoured variety is ideal for salads, steaming, boiling or roasting, but not frying

Nadine: A waxy variety that’s increasingly on the shelves. Good for microwaving or boiling, not for frying.

Nicola: This variety has a firm cooked texture. It has a long oval shape, yellow skin and light yellow flesh. Great for boiling, roasting and salads.

Pink Eye (also known as Southern Gold): Waxy, nutty flavoured flesh that’s good for salads, boiling, steaming or baking.

Red Rascal: Crisp, flavoursome flesh that’s good for boiling, mashing, roasting or frying.

Royal Blue: Distinctive purple potato with white flesh that’s a great all-rounder.

Sebago: Another very common variety that’s a real all-rounder.