Organically Grown has fresh vegetarian pies that can be heated instore. also has take away coffee, chai and tea. Store also has a small range of cakes.

Hot Drinks: Coffee, chai, dandelion, standard tea, and many assorted herbal teas (Milks: dairy, soy, oat, rice and almond).

Something Savoury:
Assorted vegetarian pies; plain top and cheese top (rye, spelt and gluten free pastry), mini pizzas, rice balls, potato and spinach rolls, broccoli quiches, zucchini flans, tomato and vegetable quiches and soup (this is only served during the colder months).

Something Sweet:
Assorted muffins (oat bran, gluten free and vegan), cakes (standard and gluten free), slices and other varied little sweet things.

We also stock the Eridu range of SuperOrbs – always a brilliant, healthy pick-me-up or snack on the run!